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Seasonal & Special Shopping Tours

Certain seasons and occasions lend themselves to extra special shopping opportunities, especially in NYC. Check back often!


"Our Self directed tour was perfection! I was able to get my teen daughter and her friends to just the kind of shops they were dying to find. The list was also mapped out geographically, which bascially took all the advance work off my plate. Really small investment for a GIANT assist in NYC. Highly recommend. PS: Shop Gotham people are awfully nice & quite speedy." Charmaine, Columbus GA.   

SWEET 16 Shopping Program

For the fashionable 16 year old and her friends (this program is available for other birthdays; most suitable for ages 15-19)

For the girl whose favorite thing to do with her friends is SHOP SHOP and then SHOP some more, here is an urbane, cool, original and enormously fun Sweet 16 event. New York City is at your beck and call.

Your shopping tour will be customized to suit your style, budget and fashion cravings. You and your friends will be introduced to urban chic with a personal tour guide that will show you the choice shopping spots which offer spectacular  possibilities. There will be opportunities aplenty to check out Sample Sales and stores featured in your favorite magazines.

Many special perks will be afforded to you along the way, such as:

  • Your Custom shopping itinerary - just for you and pals 
  • Fashionably chic private guide
  • Exclusive Store Discounts(which can be used ALL DAY)
  • Celebratory cupcakes
  • Local celeb trivia
  • AND VIP Activity: A private visit to one Showroom for  celebrity-like shopping for teen appropriate fashion at wholesale!
A private visit to one wholesale showroom for “celebrity-like” wholesale shopping for teen fashion
If you are lucky, there may even be a star sighting on your special day!
Whether you’re a glam girl and love shopping for luxury designers, a fashionista seeking edgy and new, or a bargain shopper clued in to all the styles, but needs those gentler priced stores, Shop Gotham can take you there on your Sweet 16 shopping tour.


For detailed information and prices, please call 917-599-6650 or email

“It was so much fun, very interesting, and well worth the time. The trip delivered all that it promised” Shelly, WI
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