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Shop Gotham Custom Priavte Tours

Seasonal & Special Shopping Tours

Certain seasons and occasions lend themselves to extra special shopping opportunities, especially in NYC. Check back often!


"Our Self directed tour was perfection! I was able to get my teen daughter and her friends to just the kind of shops they were dying to find. The list was also mapped out geographically, which bascially took all the advance work off my plate. Really small investment for a GIANT assist in NYC. Highly recommend. PS: Shop Gotham people are awfully nice & quite speedy." Charmaine, Columbus GA.   

Sweet 16 Shopping Tours

For the girl whose favorite thing to do with her friends is Shop Shop and then shop some more, here is an urbane, cool, original and enormously fun Sweet 16 event. New York City is at your beck and call!

NYC Self-Directed Shopping Tours 

For those who prefer to set off on their own shopping adventure & timetable Working with YOUR personal budget, style, shopping aspirations, we will map out a half day itinerary for you, along with addresses and store hours. Or pick one neighborhood solely to explore, or one amazing category, such as Designer Vintage, Chic mom & baby, budget teen (for boys too) etc. Then set off on your own to discover some of NYC’s most unique shops, at your own pace: do a few shops one day, a few another, or shop 'til you drop! : Most of NYC's shopping neighborhoods are so vast, you may only get to one each day.


Seasonal Self Directed Sample Sales: these can be requested in "high season" only. April, May, June, Nov, Dec. List will be approximately 10 sample sales; the ones we deem most worthwhile. Important Note: Self-directed tours cannot include Garment Center Wholesale showrooms. These privilages can only be accessed on the actual Shop Gotham tours.


Personalized self-guided tours start at $65. More complex or longer itineraries may require added fees. We suggest devoting 4 to 6 hours for our Self-Guided programs. Want several days' worth of shopping, we can do that too. To inquire, please email: info@ 



Annual Low Season Rates for Garment Center tours  (Jan /Feb)
10% discount for 6 or more persons booking any of our Daily Tours.

“It was so much fun, very interesting, and well worth the time. The trip delivered all that it promised” Shelly, WI
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